Friday, September 28, 2012

Why do you become 'Singham' for US, not for India? Narendra Modi asks Manmohan Singh.

BJP leader and Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi on Friday launched a sharp attack on the UPA government, accusing Prime MinisterManmohan Singh of working for the benefit of "foreigners".

Taking a jibe at the Prime Minister, Modi compared him to a Hindi film character 'Singham', asking as to why he became bold only to benefit foreign countries.

"Mister Prime Minister, the country wants to know - in eight years, you have become 'Singham' twice, once when there was the nuclear treaty with the US, and the second time on the FDI issue," Modi said.

"Both the instances benefit foreigners, why doesn't he become 'Singham' for India?" he questioned.

He also said that on both occasions, polls were about to be held in the US.

"What is the reason behind the PM becoming active when there are polls in the US? Is there a connection?" he questioned.

Modi also attacked Congress president Sonia Gandhi, questioning if her recent visit to the US had an effect on the decision.

"Did Soniaji's trip to the US affect the decision on FDI?" he asked.

According to Congress spokespersons, Sonia Gandhi was in the US for a week in the beginning of September to get her health checkup done. She underwent a surgery for an ailment in the US last year.

Modi also accused Sonia Gandhi of being involved in every scam in the country.

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