Friday, September 28, 2012

Only 6 gas cylinders a year

Sand artist Deepak Mauthattil protests against the Centre’s decision to put cap on subsidised cooking gas cylinders by creating a replica of a cylinder in sand, at Shanghumugham beach in Thiruvananthapuram, kerala !!!

This was all due to the decision of Government of India to come up with a new rule which is limiting the LPG Gas cylinders supply only 6 per year in old subsidy rate. You have to pay more to 750 rupees after 6 cylinders usage. This rule adversely affects the common people's day to day life.. 

When asked about the heavy impact on poor man's budget Kerala Chief minister replied that they will provide 9 gas cylinders for BPL families.. If they have the financial stability to buy 9 gas cylinders then they cannot be called BPL families.. Ridiculous!!!

 Now every individual have to submit Consumer Information Sheet with all the mandatory details filled. Still there is no confirmation evolved with the figure of issuing LPG Gas Connection to every individual per year. Because of getting low subsidiary to Oil Corporations like IOCL, HPCL and BPCL from the Government, they are forced to take this decision. Even Officials from Government tried to convince them but no use.
Apart from the limiting of gas cylinders supply, they are implementing their ideas to terminate the misusing LPG Connections, who are having more than they allotted. Previously these Oil Corporations have allowed not concentrate on this issue from decades, many LPG Connections using other, But some consumers tried before to change the present connection with their names. But they neglected them and decided to shot them by terminating their backup accounts. May be Compulsory Consumer Information Sheet submission is targeted for fishing misusing LPG Connections.

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