Monday, July 29, 2013

2015 World Cup Fixtures, India's match fixture

The ICC launched the 2015 World Cup on Tuesday with venues and pools being announced. Here are the highlights from the simultaneous events in Melbourne and Wellington.

 Complete list of India fixtures

* India vs Pakistan at Adelaide (February 15)

* India vs South Africa at Melbourne (February 22)

* India vs Qualifier 4 at Perth (February 28)

* India vs West Indies at Perth (March 6)

* India vs Ireland at Hamilton (March 10)

* India vs Zimbabwe at Auckland (March 14)

Note: All league matches mentioned above are day/night encounters.

 Opening day matches
* Feb 14 - New Zealand vs Sri Lanka
                 England vs Australia (D/N)

Pool A
England, Australia (co-host), Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, New Zealand (co-host), Qualifier 2 (TBD), Qualifier 3 (TBD)

Pool B
South Africa, India, Pakistan, West Indies, Zimbabwe, Qualifier 1 (Ireland), Qualifier 4 (TBD)

The format in 2015 is the same as that of 2011. 14 teams shall participate. 2 groups of 7 teams each shall play mong themselves and the top four from each group will enter the quarter-finals. The topper of one group shall play the fourth ranked team of the other and vice-versa.