Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Election dates announced in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat.. What people must realize???

It is good to hear that election dates for Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat have been announced by the Election Commission of India. I said 'it is good to hear about the election dates' because now it is the first chance for us-The public, to react against the Central govt(UPA govt) for their "scamful" governing at the centre.

The prices of all essential commodities are always going up. Price of Rice,gas,kerosene,oil,petrol,diesel everything have gone up. In addition to all that the bills like Reservation for Promotion for SC/ST,Limitation of gas to 6 cylinders per year,Hiking the a/c train ticket rates (in the railway budget it was an eyewash for everyone by UPA by saying no hikes in any tickets) have all gone against the common people's life.

As we public knows all these things, then also we elects the same corrupted politicians again and again. But this time we need to change. We need to show them who the real power are. Its us the public! The corrupted ones know the people very well, they know that we people forgets everything too quickly. An example of this thing at present is the "nomination of Suresh Kalmadi to the Parliamentary Committee by the congress". We all know the Commonwealth Games scam in which he was involved, then also look after a year and half he is back into a governing position.

We need to think all these things and act accordingly in the upcoming elections. As we know both Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat are non-Congress governing states, it will be easy for the people to analyze the things, as there like other Congress-governing states there will not be people in power to drag you to wrong notion and make you vote for the 'bad ones'.

Just now look to the case of Sonia Gandhi campaigning in Gujarat. There was all problems two weeks before when the Coal-gate scam hit,Diesel price hike or the FDI problem, at all that time where was Mrs.Gandhi. Now when the election dates are announced to create an wrong impact on the people out there in Gujarat she comes and offers new project. We know that in Gujarat its Mr.Modi's stronghold by his efficient governing in the past few years.

Similarly, Rahul Gandhi who was one of the most appealing leader for the future Congress party, Where he have gone? No news till now. Last seen eating food from a poor man's hut in Uttar Pradesh during election time. Can we expect any of those Tamasha's this time from him in Himachal Pradesh or Gujarat???

Finally, i just want to remind especially the people in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat to think twice and vote for the leaders. Please kindly avoid the "scam-hit" leaders. You will be having a legacy in following in some party. But the situations have all changed. Act accordingly. Dont fall on those dramas and Tamasha's by those who come out only during the election time. Here i sign-off hoping, this time the most wanted change will be opted by the people.

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