Monday, October 1, 2012

Shri Narendra Modi further awakens people on the UPA’s decision to introduce FDI in retail

Shri Narendra Modi further awakens people on the UPA’s decision to introduce FDI in retail

President Obama asked Americans to support small business but is Dr. Manmohan Singh aware of this? If he is then why is he moving our small manufacturers and youth on the path of destruction? Asks Shri Modi

The UPA’s decision to bring out FDI in retail has been strongly opposed by Shri Narendra Modi. In a sharp attack on the anti-people policies of the UPA, Shri Modi has stated time and again that such a policy will adversely affect the small manufacturers and create joblessness among our youngsters.
Importantly, Shri Modi has thrown light on some crucial issues concerning this decision. During his speech at the public rally after the BJP National Executive, Shri Modi shared that he heard of a Tweet by USA President Mr. Barack Obama in which he urged the people to buy from small business instead of large malls as this will save the youth from unemployment.
In November 2011, Mr. Obama had TweetedToday, support small businesses in your community by shopping at your favorite local stores. #SmallBusinessSaturday.” Apart from this, he has shared many other Tweets on the issue.
Thus, if the President of a liberal economy such as the USA urges the people to support small business why is the same not happening in India? Is our Prime Minister not aware of President Obama’s position? Why is he hell bent on destroying the future of our small manufactures and jobs for the youth. These are the larder issues raised by Shri Modi.
Similarly, Shri Modi asked why does the Prime Minister become ‘Singham’ when it concerns American interests and that too in years when USA faces elections. In 2008 he adopted a stand on the Nuclear Deal while today, four years later it is FDI in retail.
These are surely important questions Shri Modi has raised that merit a strong and convincing answer from the Prime Minister.

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