Sunday, May 12, 2013

Neram in Tamil and Malayalam - Review

Neram is a  comedy-thriller film.Debutant Director Alphonse Puthern's 'Neram' brings quite a bit of this style in to malayalam. The film fully shooted in Chennai and more than more than half of the characters are tamil.The directorial debut of Alphonse Putharen, it stars Nivin Pauly, Nazriya Nazim and Simhaa. 

'Neram' is the story of a struggling young man named Mathew (Nivin Pauly),is an unemployed Software Engineer  and the 'web' of troubles that surrounds him. Jeena(Nazriya Nazim) is the love interset of Mathew.Mathew borrowed some money as loan and now that he cannot give it to back'his childhood friend Jeena helps him out.Her father Johnykutty(Lalu Alex)  does not like Mathew and he always try to make problems with Mathew whenever he get chance.The problems surrounding him are not new, but he has limited time to solve or find an answer to all this.But once, Mathew's good time arrives,so does his problems.The gripping events that follow the rest of the story. The story unfurls during the events that happening upto 5 'o' clock of a day. Each event leads to another and situation gets more and more murkier. Does it all get solved for Mathew and change his take on his 'times'? Movie's second half holds the answer to these questions.

First half sets up the mood quite decently. The romantic song and the angle is fair, with light jokes thrown in here and there. More and more characters keep on adding and the tamil style is quite evident. By the end of first half, the feeling is just good.But the  Second half is much better and even though you may get tired of some comedies,slow motion runs and fights, the way it finishes tying all the ends up is awesome.Among the cast, Nivin does his role decently. Nothing great but his action avathar After Da Thadiya  is good to watch. Nazriya looks really good, eye candy and pretty believable average beautiful girl. Shammi Thilakan is good as the police officer with a crazy name. Manoj K Jayan is decent. The new actor who has done Manoj K Jayan's brother's role is a small show stealer. Good casting there.

Direction is promising and we known his talent grom his debut Album Yuvvh. Alphonse has been able to see through the darkness and create something decently entertaining and watchable. Writing is good at times with twists that keep you alive in the movie. Viewers always be in laugh riot mode. Music and background score are good. 'Vaathil' and 'Pistah' add to the movie when needed. Editing is good with some new attempts in cuts.

To sum it up, go in with low expectations and 'Neram' is quite a good watchable movie, especially for some light fun and the way it ties all ends up by the end.

Overall the Time is good for the Neram Team.Another Super Hit for Nivin Pauly

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